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Merchandise and comprehensive logistics

Dedicated to transport and logistics since 2007. Helping our customers move their goods with the utmost punctuality.

Lodisna (Logistics and distribution of Navarra) was founded to address a market that is constantly evolving and developing, creating specific transport and logistics solutions for every customer. In a multinational environment where excellence is a must, we forge relationships of trust and mutual benefit with our customers. This has enabled us to grow continuously over time, even during the most hard-hitting crises. This is our objective: to keep growing together.



▸ Founding of the company.


▸ Quality seals ISO 9001 and 14001 obtained.

▸ Lodisna France set up.


▸ Quality seals OSHAS 18001 (later ISO 45001) and 39001 obtained


▸ SQAS certification obtained


▸ Nuevos almacenes Logísticos Pamplona.

▸ Reparto de Última Milla con vehículos eléctricos


▸ Constitución de Lodisna Morocco.

▸ Certificación GDP

▸ Incorporación camiones eléctricos y biocombustibles


+ 350
Employees on our staff
+ 3M
Covered every month
+ 3.000
services provided monthly
+ 200
trucks plus semitrailers
+ 4.000
m2 in new facilities
+ 10
languages served
+ 30
countries we operate in


Young, dynamic team with international projection.

Our human team stands out for its commitment and versatility, employing a customer-oriented approach at all times. We are very proud of our multidisciplinary, young, dynamic and resourceful staff, which has experience in the entire supply and process management chain.

In the multinational environment in which we operate, our multilingual team is able to communicate fluently with the various stakeholders. This ensures constant coordination and engagement, which in turn leads to an improvement in the management of processes and results. stakeholders de manera fluida. Esto posibilita un coordinación e implicación constante, que se traduce en una mejora en la gestión de procesos y resultados.

The role of women at Lodisna is key at all levels of the company: management positions, traffic department, human resources and even drivers. Day after day we work on co-responsibility between everyone and for everyone. In order to keep our staff’s skills up to date, we are committed to their ongoing training, to foster their professional and personal development.

Work with us
Commitment - innovation - integrity - versatility


We maximise our
efficiency using the most
advanced technology.

Our Microsoft Dynamics business resource planning system enables us to unify and organise all areas of the business. This system enables us to follow the traceability of all the processes and, therefore, improve resource planning and optimisation.

Digitalisation has enabled us to progress and improve, to offer a more comprehensive and personalised service. This progress has exponentially increased the added value we are able to bring to our customers’ operations.

Digital Management

Utilizamos Microsoft Dynamics Business, IB Logistic y FlotasNet, como herramienta de gestión integral de nuestra actividad.

GPS traceability

Using the latest GPS tracking systems, we know where all our fleet is at all times.

Control tower

Our control tower provides extensive connectivity and enables integration with our customers’ different applications.

24/7 traffic department

24 / 7. Our traffic team is always available to assist our drivers and manage their needs.


Towards total
quality management
in all our processes.

Quality management is a very important part of our strategic plan. We consider quality one of the strategic pillars of our entire business, in order to comply with the specific requirements of the most demanding sectors.

Innovation and controlControl and developmentDevelopment and testingImplementation

We work constantly on standardisation and our mindset is based on the continuous improvement of all the processes.

ISO 9001

Our customers’ high satisfaction rates endorse our search for excellence. A quality commitment that has been validated by Quality Management Systems Certification ISO 9001.

ISO 14001

We strive to make our ecological footprint minimal. All our vehicles have latest-generation Euro 6 Step E engines, which consume and pollute less.

ISO 45001

Our human team is a key part of our capital. We make it our daily commitment to improve the health and safety of our employees. That's why in 2021 we were once again certified by ISO 45001.

Management of Road Safety
ISO 39001

Our commitment to road safety enables us to identify the main traffic risk factors, to subsequently make improvement proposals that guarantee our employees’ safety on the road.


Compliance with quality, safety and environmental protection requirements defined by the chemical industry for its logistics service providers.
*Certifications for headquarters.
To find out more, see our Comprehensive Management System Policy.

Social responsibility

We are helping
to build a
better society.

We feel responsible for helping to build a fairer, more equitable society. For this reason, we have applied different equality plans so that all employees have the same opportunities at our company.

We are proud to be members of the Navarra Chamber of Commerce and Industry, and of the Spanish International Road Transport Association (ASTIC). Similarly, we have been helping the WWF for years to reforest hectares of woodland that help curb the deterioration of the environment and build a future in which human beings live in harmony with nature.

Further proof of our social commitment is our partnership with the Gureak group that serves to promote projects facilitating diversity, integrating people with disabilities into the world of work.

We also work with the Navarra occupational training centre Cuatro Vientos. The agreement enables the integration of people into society and into the company by means of the “learning by doing” dual education method.


We are concerned
about our
planet's future.

We are aware of the environmental impact of essential activities such as transport entail. While we work proactively on the development and researching of new sustainable transport methods, we aim to do everything in our power to reduce the pollution that is inherent in our business.

All our tractors are fitted with Euro 6 Step Eengines, the most efficient in the market, which we renew every 3 years to reduce the emission of greenhouse gases. In 2021 we renewed a total of 60 trucks.

Among other things, we work with Volvo and Renault, because they use recycled materials to manufacture their vehicles. In the specific case of Volvo up to 25%. Similarly, Michelin supplies us its Energy tyres, which reduce consumption and pollution.

Our traffic department is constantly working to streamline routes and reduce empty mileage.

As a result of all the above, we have managed to reduce the diesel consumption of our entire fleet by 26% over the last four years, considerably reducing the environmental footprint of our business.

Aunque sabemos que aún queda mucho camino por recorrer, nuestro compromiso con la sostenibilidad es firme. Seguiremos esforzándonos de cara al futuro para reducir nuestras emisiones, y cumplimentar los objetivos medioambientales más estrictos del sector y del conjunto de la sociedad. En el año 2022, Lodisna se ha inscrito en Registro de huella de carbono, compensación y proyectos de absorción de dióxido de carbono por la Oficina Española de Cambio Climático (OECC). Esta evolución constante se ve reflejada en el objetivo 2040, punto de inflexión que hemos marcado para la creación de un plan de sostenibilidad propio.
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