Truck Fleet

We own over 200 trucks
plus semitrailers,
equipped with the
latest technology.

Our fleet has a total of over 200 full tractor and semi-trailer vehicles. Our different types of semi-trailers adapt to the needs of each customer:

+200 Trucks

All the tractors are renewed every 3 years and the semi-trailers every 5 years.
Semi-trailers with XL tarpaulins
Semi-trailers with XL tarpaulins with rollers prepared for aircraft loading.
Box-type semi-trailers for special transit.
We also have double-decker shipping container vans with a stowage system, which allow us to continue the transport service beyond the road.

We invest in R+D to give our
trucks the most advanced
security systems.

All our platforms are highly industrialised. We see that our trucks are utterly safe. We have developed our own anti-theft sensor system on doors and tarpaulins, to protect our customers’ goods. Similarly, we are carrying out new R+D projects to sensor the TIR Cable.

We apply other anti-theft commercial methods like the safety clamp for the King Pin, which prevents third-party vehicles hooking up with our platforms.

We locate your
goods in real time
throughout Europe.

Our latest-generation GPS systems enable us to geolocate the entire fleet at any time. Not only do we locate the tractors, we can also find out the exact the position of all our semi-trailers. These enables our traffic department to manage processes in real time, which gives us the agility to be able to respond in real time to our customers’ strategic decisions.

We monitor all the operating systems, faults and wear of each vehicle individually to increase their efficiency and reduce their environmental impact. Furthermore, our entire fleet has a Volvo Gold Plus contract guaranteeing maintenance and assistance in any part of Europe.

Quality first
and foremost.

Quality is without a doubt a strategic pillar for our company. To do this, we work only with the top manufacturers both of vehicles and tyres to guarantee our customers the utmost safety and the best service.
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