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Our regional offices in Spain and France enable us to optimise our operations and the quality of service we provide to our domestic and international customers. Our routes going North or South connect all of Europe, especially France, Germany, Belgium, Holland, Italy, the UK and Spain.

Full Truck Load

One of our specialities, in which we have more than 13 years of experience, is the express transport of full truck loads. We ensure minimum transit times for long distances thanks to our two-driver relay system, which makes our flows faster and more efficient.

Our own fleet of over 200 trucks plus semitrailers is driven by two drivers to maximise the distance covered throughout Europe in each working day.

Standard transport.

When transport needs are not so urgent, we have a standard route offer with a single driver, both in Spain and internationally.

Depending on the customer’s needs, these routes can be either one way or round trip. Our traffic team is responsible at all times for managing the optimal combination to cover each route.

ADR. Dangerous

We have the SQAS (Safety & Quality Assessment for Sustainability) certification, which certifies compliance with quality, safety and environmental protection requirements defined by the chemical industry for its logistics service providers.

We carry out this type of transport in standard or express format, advising each customer individually on the drawing up of transport plans for dangerous goods in accordance with current legislation.

Most of our drivers are ADR certified enabling us to move dangerous goods whenever required.
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