LODISNA has launched a new last mile service in order to promote and incorporate the latest technological developments in environmental issues. Our goal is to make our activity as environmentally friendly as possible.

We are committed to sustainable transport

We believe in a sustainable future for our cities, with a lower concentration of vehicles in city centres. The creation of low emission zones to actively tackle the problem of pollution, however, poses the challenge of adapting parcel delivery services to these new regulations.

LODISNA is a company specialized in road transport and logistics, which makes it possible to carry out comprehensive plans for different types of shippers.

Agile and Efficient

Reduced delivery times. 30% more deliveries than with a van.


Zero emissions, cities free of smoke and noise.

Route optimization

All deliveries arrive on time.

100% electric vehicles

All the vehicles used to carry out this service are 100% electric, which translates into zero emissions. In addition, we reduce the noise impact of our activity in city centres.

Electric vehicles allow greater efficiency in our deliveries; even within the urban area, which is usually less accessible for other traditional transport methods.
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