Storage, goods management, order processing and stock management. We plan and manage any type of air, sea, rail or intermodal transport route. We carry out the entire design and development process for our turnkey projects.


At Lodisna we take care of transport and storage and, furthermore, the management and organisation of both these activities as a 3PL (Third Party Logistics) agency. In other cases we act as a 4PL (Fourth Party Logistics) agency. We carry out consulting and auditing work for other 3PLs, in order to validate, optimise and improve their activity. In this case we don’t use our own infrastructure, we act only as consultants.


Loads are palletised to make them uniform. It saves space and reduces loading, unloading and handling time.

Picking & Sorting

As a logistics warehouse, we take care of order picking. We pick a specific quantity of items prior to shipment to meet our customers’ orders. This is a basic storage process that has a significant impact on our customers’ productivity and improves the efficiency of the supply chain. We give our customers the opportunity to classify these products to have them redirected to specific destinations.

Stock management

We carry out specific stock management projects. We help our customers control incoming and outgoing flows, administrate stock with minimum and maximum values, and carry out the reorganisation of their stockage. Our customer has access to its stock by means of different digital systems that allow it to connect to our ERP.

Depending on the type of goods and our customer's logistics requirements, we offer either FIFO First In First Out, o LIFO Last In First Out.

Turnkey projects

We carry out the entire design and development process for our turnkey projects. We carry out tailored multi-sectoral projects.

Other services

  • Inspections and quality controls.
  • Rework. Relabelling.
  • Sub-assemblies, packing.
  • Customs. Documentation consultancy.
  • Cross-docking.
  • Last mile. Specific solutions tailored to each customer.

Management of goods
by land, sea and air.

When transport needs are not so urgent, we have a standard route offer with a single driver, both in Spain and internationally.

Depending on the customer’s needs, these routes can be either one way or round trip. Our traffic team is responsible at all times for managing the optimal combination to cover each route.


We offer the chance to manage any air transport need that adapts to our customers’ specific needs. We take care of all the procedures necessary to carry out this type of transport to any destination.

All our drivers have the AVSEC certification that refers to physical security in the airport environment. This gives us sufficient agility to carry out loading and unloading in any airport and connect it up with other commercial routes.


Offer FCL Full Container Load transport by sea in which the customer's goods are transported in a full, sealed container or LCL Less than Container Load transport. When the customer's shipment is not sufficiently large to fill a container, we group the shipments of several customers into the same space.

We manage the formalities and procedures required to carry out any transport of goods by sea safely and professionally, including customs management.


Using alternative methods to road transport may be beneficial to reduce costs for a certain route. We take care of the railway loading and unloading and manage the combination with the next link in the supply chain.


Sometimes, carrying out a certain service with a single means of transport is not the best solution. However, we are specialists in the entire supply chain and have the ability to plan and manage the perfect combination between road, air and sea transport. This way, we achieve the most efficient results in terms of costs and time for our customers.
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